Updating Fall Wardrobe

by PT

Last week I’ve been surfing and virtual window shopping for a few new items to update my wardrobe. As always, Gap.com was my first stop.  They have a few pieces I like. but… let me express my frustration with Polyvore and Pinterest first. Polyvore does not have all the items you can find in a store while I yet have to find a way to export a board from Pinterest. I understand that we (users) get spoiled easily but why can’t they just combine their features and provide a GREAT service? Although I am aware of the economical rules, wouldn’t it be great if you could pin items you like to your virtual board and then export that board to your blog? Ladies and gentlemen, THAT would be an awesome service. Now, if I am living in a dark hole and there IS such a possibility, please, please let me know!

Now, back to my shopping. I like Gap because it is affordable, has great clothes and their sizing is great cause I fit in pants size 4 (EUR 34-36). That rarely works with other brands.  Who wouldn’t love that?  Gap has some really nice neutral colors this fall. I found this terrific trench coat in a light beige-gray color. That is perfect since I sort of hate beige and gray trench coats are, for some unknown reason, hard to find.

My other  findings are classic khaki pants

….and a great blouse. I love that color and pattern. It’s a little bit sheer but that doesn’t bother me:

The blouse would be a smart purchase since there is a lot of purple in my closet, including this last season’s purple sweater.

Purse? I generally buy one or two a year. I also get a couple of them each year for birthday, Christmas, etc. I tend not to like those. Well, I do like some of them since my aunt in Chicago has a great taste (Hi Auntie!!!) and great stores to shop at. The one I got earlier this year while in Germany is s.Oliver. Did I tell you that I LOVE s.Oliver?  s.Oliver is a Germany family owned business that produces great fitting and feeling clothes. Since I seem not to be able to find my purse online, I had to take a photo of it. It’s a canvas, leather trimmed, small cross-body purse and I love it! My check book, cell phone, point and shoot camera, keys,  and a small make-up bag fit in perfectly.  

This is my first pattern purse ever! I don’t really wear patterns and I don’t wear much of a color either so this purse brings in a little bit of fun. However, it’s time to invest in a bigger purse. There are many beautiful bags out there but I think I’ll opt to get this one. It’s big, it’s simple, it’s neutral, and it’s on sale as of today! 🙂

I should also get a pair or two of neutral flats and some new accessories.  Since I had problems putting a board together via Polyvore, I just used Photoshop to put together items I like. One of my decisions for this fall is to buy nothing blue since that’s the color I bought last year and have plenty of it. The blue will match new purple pieces nicely. This summer I forced my self to start buying light-colored bottoms (yes, I am sort of obsessed with my bottom) so I’ve been wearing white shorts a lot and guess what – my bottom does not look any bigger in white shorts than it does in dark blue ones! That’s why I am getting plenty of light color pants this season too!