PT’s Family Apartment Hunting

by PT

Mr. PT and I, Ms. PT, are in a middle of an apartment hunt. Well, to be precise, I am in the middle of apartment hunt since Mr. PT seems to have enormous amount of trust in me. In other words, he is not that concerned with finding a perfect apartment. yet. We still have at least several month of life here in la bella Italia so he thinks we’ll be OK. I don’t think we will since we have no idea where we will live once we leave la bella Italia. We know where we will not live–we won’t live in a stupidly large 4-bedroom house at Florida’s emerald coast. We still plan on living in Florida but in a smaller apartment (read townhouse) and more urban area – Tampa/St. Pete area. Why? because I am a city girl and need city environment to be completely happy. So, we are an apartment hunting in Tampa Bay area. I am also considering Raleigh, North Carolina since the nation’s #1 school in my desired Ph.D. field is located there. However, that part of the country (which I fell in virtual-love with) has almost-unexisting job market for my husband. Since it’s not a good idea to have a jobless husband, NC will stay only a silent desire unless something major changes on the job market there.

Since we are about to start from the beginning again, this time as a married couple, this is a good opportunity to force my interior design and decoration ideas. When we moved in together years ago, he gave me open hands to do anything I wanted decorating-wise. However, he already had a bunch of stuff that I couldn’t completely get rid off. I did get rid of bunch of it though (and I am proud of it). 😀 The biggest limitation of our current (another stupidly large) house it’s its preexisting rustic Italian structure and fixings that we are not allowed to change since it’s a rental. So in order to avoid emphasizing its outdated feel, I avoided filling it with trendy elements. Instead, I played along and updated it with details and furniture that compliments the existing feeling of the space. This means more classic and a little bit rustic elements. I don’t hate it all the way but I definitely don’t want to move it with us to our new place. I already have ideas of what I want our home to look like and here are some of the ideas.

I am totally in love with this kitchen which doesn’t necessarily need to be large. The corner stove is a brilliant idea, tiles are fantastic and the wooden counter top is just great!

A great idea of bringing in a fabulous color in an overall all-white kitchen or dining area.

An excellent way to tie in the entire apartment would be installing the same color chest in the hallway, dinning area or even in the bathroom.


Something I would like to create in the kitchen in future is a charcoal wall like the one below but that will depend on the floor plan and space available. I definitely want smaller square footage,  the apartment needs to be under 2000 square feet (185 m2); 1650 (150 m2) would be perfect!


Finally, if you are familiar with any of these photos and know the source, please let me know because I’d like to provide a credit. Thanks!  : )