Smart Solutions for Small Kitchens

by PT

This was meant to be a girly fashion post but WordPress freaked out in the middle of my writing and I lost half of the post. I know – write it in MS Word and c&p. However, I’ve decided that it wasn’t meant (for this post) to be the fashion one so let’s make it a homey post instead. As you know,  the PT family is apartment hunting. Until we find what we’re looking for, I’ll keep gathering decor8ing ideas. I have a pretty much good idea of what I want out next home to look like but the final decision will depend heavily on the space and floor plan itself. As any other European, I am used to smaller spaces and actually feel better in them (than in larger ones). Therefore, we are looking for a smaller place with a lot of potential and some charm. We’ll see what we find!

Although our bedroom will be the first room to be taken care of /shopping-wise/, the kitchen will have the highest decor priority. Yes, I love to cook and I want a lovely kitchen to cook in. Anyway, have you checked Ikea’s US website lately? I have and I fell in love with their idea of setting up a small kitchen.

Still, this solution lacks a few things. The first one is the placement of microwave. Where would you put it? In this setting the space above the trolley looks like an ideal spot. That way you would also get a place for jars/cereal boxes and a nice print in the back. You could also place a paper towel rack under the microwave. We also need to make sure we have a spot for a dishwasher.

What I love the most about this kitchen are these stacked wall cabinets: a great way to get some extra space and storage.  I would never think of that, not even in a hundred years! Even though my husband does not like Ikea, he admits they do provide some smart solutions for smaller spaces. 

More great ideas for small kitchens:

Please, if you are familiar with any of these photos and know the source, please let me know because I’d like to provide a credit. Thanks!  : )