What to Wear to a Class Reunion

by PT

My 10th class reunion is coming up and I am getting a little bit excited! I am excited to see some dear people and I am not so excited to see some less dear people. All these years I’ve stayed in touch with only one of my high school friends. She’s a nice girl, still unmarried and single. Others are mostly married with kids. A several of us have graduated from college, others either dropped or didn’t even attempt to go to college. From what I know, I will be the only one with multiple undergraduate and graduate degrees. I am also one of two who are living abroad, the other one is a friend who’s living in South Africa. I am  the only one married to a foreigner, an American to be precise. From the info I have, everyone else, especially girls, are focusing on family life rather than a career. So, in many ways, I will be getting a lot of attention. The good thing is that I have my old BFF who is also focused on her career and has no kids. I would not go to that reunion without her. I have no prejudices or stereotypes but even though I’m living abroad, I’ve heard rumors and gossips. I know people are interested in my life.  Still, I am interested to see and catchup with some of them. I am also looking forward to showing them who’s the girl these days! The truth is that I had quite rough time in high school.  I was a sort of nerd who hang out with popular people. I was smart and ambitious and those were not very trendy features. Good looks and money were way more important. I wasn’t ugly or anything, but I had a few extra pounds and not much of very trendy clothes. The worse thing that could happen to anyone in high school is that teachers actually like you. Other students notice that very quickly. And teachers did like me.

So, this dinner is more than just a meal with people I used to hang out with. It is more about “who’s who?” today. I want to look nice, youthful, successful, and happy. Basically, I want my look to mirror my life but I don’t want to look like I’ve tried too much. Actually, I want to look like I didn’t try at all. I understand that details play an important role, so this is the time to give your best to look the best. Luckily, my new hair style takes off those 10 years, I am in a way better shape than I was in high school, my skin is clean and healthy and I have great legs.

Sure, I may be overreacting but all of you who have experienced similar treatments and feelings in high school understand why it’s important to shine and glow at your class reunion 10 years after. So, in order to avoid “I tried too much” effect, I’ve decided to go with this combination. The dress seems to be nothing special, an average summer dress. That’s the effect I want.

If you ask me, I would switch these Piperlime shoes for the pair of Valentino pumps but I don’t think my hubby would like that. So, I’ll stick to Piperlime. I could choose different accessories, more dressing or matching but I refuse to. If possible at all, I’d like to look like this reunion is just one of my daily events and that I didn’t really pay too much attention to what I am going to wear.