Finding the Right Bed

by PT

The bedroom is kind of tricky to decorate if we share it with someone: a spouse, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. Unless your partner is totally uninterested in decorating, you probably face a question or two (or even a doubt) from your partner every time you have an urge to update the decor.  I would say that is pretty normal since the bedroom is a really intimate space and we’d like to feel comfortable in there – and you cannot feel comfortable if you hate the decor.  Although I don’t spend much of my awake time in my bedroom, I have a very special relationship with that room. Of all other rooms in the house, the bedroom is the most important for me. Therefore, I want to fall in love with it every time I enter it. My husband would not appreciate pink decor, or teddy bears for that matter, so I always try to make sure I balance masculine and feminine sides. Right now, our bedroom is not being used. We sleep in the guest bedroom because we cannot find the bed we like. We used to have a cali king size bed without a headboard. Another problem was that movers damaged the frame and for a long time we kept mattress on box-springs directly on the ground. So, we decided we need a new bed and we also decided to downsize to king size. Of course, we discarded the old one before finding a new one. I guess the good thing is that we have a queen size bed in the spare bedroom.

The best thing is that I can purchase a bed that fits my decorating idea and arrange the room the way I want. Our dressers are white, nightstands are matching but mine is red while my husbands is white (I wanted it that way!). The rug is also red. So, here are the ideas.

I love this neutral natural wooden frame; I am even considering ordering a custom made frame like this.

 Next, this beautiful bed is like my dream bed. I love it! Blue is one of my favorite colors and I’d love to have this bed.

A simple and elegant solution.

Another beautiful bed(room).

 Finally, a really lovely bed I also like very much.