It’s Quite Trendy: Mustrad Yellow

by PT

I’ve never been a big fan of yellow. It’s not my color at all. Still, one of my favorite (a few years old) cardigans is mustard yellow and I enjoy wearing it.  It’s something like this:

My favorite yellow piece is my large tote that I carry around most of the winter. It’s perfect for cold winter days. It brings in a little bit of brightness. My family doctor loves it too. Every time I go in without it he asks me where’s my ‘happy’ purse. It looks something like this:

Those are 2 of 2 yellow items I have in my house. I am not planning on getting more, at least not any time soon. However, I am considering furniture in that color. I love this living room. A mustard yellow sofa in the gray environment.

Or this chair in the corner.

While it’s not likely I’ll get a yellow sofa, I may consider getting a yellow office chair!