Finally Something

by PT

Our house hunt is still on; it’s more an info gathering process than a real hunt since we haven’t made the final decision on our final destination and we don’t really know when will we actually go back to the States. Things have changed over the last few months and we have a few more options these days. However, we have made a decision to purchase a house instead of a townhouse or a condo. Reasoning behind this is that Mr. Man prefers it that way; he wants privacy and a yard and I am OK with that as long as it’s not too big! We are also keeping the house in the Bay since it’s not the right time to sell it (talk about housing market in the States!). That’s why our new home will have to be a lot smaller. We are thinking of 1500-2000 sq. feet. I finally found something I like but it’s not really in our price or size range. If we didn’t already own a house, I would go after this one immediately. I adore it.